Bangkok: A Food Diary

Of the many places we have been around the world, Thailand is possibly the best so far when it comes to food. It always shocks me when I lose weight after a trip, particularly one like this where I ate everything in sight.

I was in fact so busy just eating stuff that I apparently didn’t bother to photograph most of it. So, as you go through these photos, understand that this is merely an inkling of the amazing flavors that can be had from Bangkok’s streets.

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From sweet to savory, meat to sweets to pastries… you can find all kinds of food on the streets of Bangkok, and all of it for very cheap. Fruits, noodles, dumplings, curry, all kinds of meat on a stick, even whole fried fish. There’s water and juice to refresh you and help you survive the constant heat. On certain streets like Silom, vendors may set up tables particularly if they serve more dinner-type fare. One day for dinner, we had some fried chicken and rice purchased from a street vendor near Phetchaburi metro station and taken to our hotel room — all for less than 50Baht.

From what we could tell, everything was pretty clean. I did see a couple giant rats along the sidewalk on Silom, but they were on the ground, not the tables. The vendors seemed fairly careful about keeping their stuff sanitary. I have a pretty sensitive stomach, but I was perfectly okay for the most part. If you’re worried, eat only things that are cooked and stay away from salad-type things. And of course, bottled water only. You’ll very likely not run into anything a couple Imodium can’t handle!

You won’t like everything, but I’m sure you’ll like some, if not most things. Eating new foods can be an adventure and if you’re lucky, this could be paradise. Happy eating!


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