3 Days in Berlin: Itinerary

I’m struggling with how to share the jam-packed three days we spent in Berlin. My typical approach would be to tell you how each day went, travelogue-style, with the assumption that you could do something similar if you were to spend three days there too.

However, this time I’m going to try a different tactic: share our itinerary (as it turned out, since these things usually fall into place on their own without us planning them) and then in further posts, discuss particular things we enjoyed. You tell me which way works out better!

Me: I'm not sure how to divide my Berlin posts.
David: East and West Berlin! Hahaha!
This is what I have to work with, people.


  • Dates visited: April 30-May 3, 2014
  • Base of Operations: Maritim Hotel Berlin near Tiergarten (Thank you Priceline!)
  • Currency: Euro ($1 = about .75 euro at the time; it is now about .88)
  • Major attractions: Museum Island, Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial

Razel & David’s 3-Day Berlin Itinerary

I’ll be using a nifty trick I discovered using Google Maps, where anyone can create a personalized map. However, customization options are slightly limited, so it’s not perfect. I can’t seem to make the photos work. Also, Google Maps only seems to use letters automatically, and WordPress only uses numbers for its lists… sigh. I hope the map views are helpful though!

Day 1: Exploring the City

  1. Tiergarten (Walked through it from our hotel, explored a little.)
  2. Brandenburg Gate – daytime
  3. Reichstag Building (Did not take the tour, but one is available.)
  4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial. This is a MUST.)
  5. Unter den Linden (Strolled down this street on the way to Museum Island.)
  6. Museum Island: Lustgarten, Berlin Cathedral (Checked out the museum times and descriptions to see which ones we wanted to check out.)
  7. Neptune Fountain
  8. Berlin TV Tower (See Berlin from up high!)

Day 2: East/West Berlin

  1. Checkpoint Charlie Museum (History of the Berlin Wall, created right after the Wall came up!)
  2. DDR Museum (Life in East Germany when the Wall was up.)
  3. Brandenburg Gate – Evening
  4. Potsdamerplatz

Day 3: Ancient and Modern History

  1. Pergamonmuseum (Awesome, but very popular and they do cut off entrance at certain times, sometimes as early as 1 PM. Look this up on your first day if you want to go!)
  2. East Side Gallery (Remnants of the Berlin Wall.)

As you can see, there’s a lot to do and we didn’t even get to so many other things: the four other museums on Museum Island, Topography of Terror, the Zoological and Botanical Gardens… the list goes on. The museums alone will take up a good chunk of your days and there is one for every interest: art, ancient history, modern history. You won’t be bored for sure!

Next up on Berlin, I’ll talk museums!


6 thoughts on “3 Days in Berlin: Itinerary

  1. Can’t wait for the continuation. Brings back memories of growing up in Germany. My dad worked at CheckPoint Charlie when the wall was still up.


    • WordPress has a plugin, but for now I chose to just embed the maps. I think it’s pretty cool, to an extent. We’ll have to compare notes after you do yours. 🙂


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