To Go or Not to Go? Boracay Edition, Part 3: Beyond White Beach

In my previous post, I talked about what we loved and what we didn’t like so much about White Beach. I’ll conclude this Boracay series by giving you other great beaches besides White Beach.

Puka Beach

I don’t think you can beat this Boracay beach for quiet and isolation. If you want to have a stretch of sand all to yourself, this is definitely the place to go!

Puka Beach is north of White Beach and is accessible either by boat or by tricycle (essentially a motorbike with an attached sidecar). You can rent a boat off White Beach or from most hotels–the price would depend on your itinerary and the duration of the rental. Getting to Puka Beach by tricycle is easy. The driver will know where to go, and the correct road will end right at the beach. You can choose a “special ride” which will cost more, or a “regular ride” meaning the driver can pick up other passengers along the way, but will only cost you about 20 pesos each. Getting out of Puka Beach is the same thing. If you pick up a tricycle right where they’re waiting by the beach, it will be a special ride. If you walk a little ways down and then hail a random tricycle, it will be a regular ride and therefore cheaper.

There are some stalls selling various things at Puka Beach. Notably there will be vendors of puka shell necklaces and bracelets. There may also be vendors hawking pearls. As with anything, buy carefully and at your own risk.

Once you get past them, go left from the entrance arch and walk as far down the beach as you’d like. Closer to the entrance there’ll be vendors offering a beach chair and drinks, as well as food. This area tends to be more crowded (comparatively speaking). David and I chose to walk all the way down to the end of the beach; we had our own water and had just eaten a good breakfast, so we were comfortable just enjoying the beach and the waves.

The sand here is not as fine as White Beach and you may have to watch your step a bit more, but the beach is still really good. The waves are rougher as well, so be careful.

Diniwid Beach

This beach is really just the area north of White Beach. If you walk all the way to the north end of Station 1, you’ll find a cement path that hugs the land. Follow it as it curves away from White Beach and you’ll come down some steps back onto sand. The beach here is rockier, with boulders on the shore and even some rocks in the water. However, the sand is exactly the same sand as White Beach.

Diniwid is small and there’s not much space here but it’s still a good alternative to the crowded White Beach. You’ll find more locals here; the tourists, if any, will be coming from the massive resort at its north end.

Should You Visit Boracay?

After our trip, I’ve been wrestling with this question and how to advise people who ask me if it’s still worth the time and effort to go.

I think that for certain kinds of travelers, Boracay is perfect. These people like partying, water sports, and people watching, and the beauty of White Beach is exactly for them. It would also work for those people who are limited on time and need a place that is easily accessible– and if those people aren’t into the crowds and consumerism of White Beach, there’s always Puka and Diniwid.

If it’s your first time in the Philippines and you only have the chance to go to one beach though, I honestly would suggest that you try another area, like Coron or El Nido, or perhaps Bohol. In all those places, the natural landscapes are as yet unmarred by too many resorts and establishments. You will be able to truly focus on the Philippines and its wonders.


3 thoughts on “To Go or Not to Go? Boracay Edition, Part 3: Beyond White Beach

  1. Puka Beach looks literally incredible!! We’re heading to the Philippines in a few months and we werent sure whether to go to Boracay or not because we imagined it to just be very busy and full of tourists but the photos look goregous. But we will look into Coron or El Nido, as you suggest!


    • It is indeed very busy and crowded, but if you can head to White Beach early in the day or spend most of your time on Puka Beach, you’ll still enjoy it. The hard part about Coron and El Nido is that they’re not as accessible as Boracay, so they’ll be tough if you’re short on time.

      Have a wonderful time though, whichever you choose, and looking forward to the trip report! =)

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