Mid-Travel Report: Europe 2015

Hi! We’re in Bruges right now and headed to Brussels. Sad to think that we’re on the latter half of our journey. The weather has been pretty cold and dismal for most of it but we seem to have turned a corner and now the world is bright and shiny! Just when I broke my sunglasses, of course.

There have been a lot of experiences. I’ve been trying to make notes so that I’ve got it all together, but it’s all a bit of a jumble right now. Other travel bloggers, what are your thoughts on how best to keep track of things while you’re traveling?

We’ve taken over 500 photos! This trip has been particularly picturesque, what with small lovely European towns, incredible architecture (Rotterdam!), and natural beauty.

Here are some examples of what we’ve seen, in a rather disorganized jumble. I promise there will be many, many posts when we’re back and settled.


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