Travel Theme: Subtle

I was able to visit Keukenhof Gardens in Holland this spring. Not much is subtle about spring: it’s a riot of color and bloom. Keukenhof specializes in tulips, which are usually brilliantly colored. And then there are the narcissi, hyacinths, (bright in color as well as scent) and crocuses…

However, I did find a couple of understated flowers among all the brightness, perfect for Where’s My Backpack’s travel theme this week. The only editing I am doing is adding the site watermark. Hurray HDR and macro, even on phones!


This tulip is a rare pale-colored one, but it makes its way into this gallery because of the faint blush of pink along the outside of its petals. Just enough contrast and color for loveliness.


I love how this narcissus (or daffodil, or jonquil — the flowers have many names) has that splash of color at its center. If you look at the field behind it in the photo, there are numerous bright red, pink, and orange blooms, but I like the gentle pastel shades of this one.


I don’t even know what flower this is, but look at it! The veins on the petals make it look almost like leaves. That faint trace of color around its edges and the slight fold of the flower remind me of butterflies. The word pretty seems more appropriate than beautiful.

I promise I will have more photos of Keukenhof (a whole day’s worth of flowers and plants, you may get sick of it if I posted it all) as well as the rest of that Eurotrip soon!


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