Tasty Thursdays: Capitol Cider

I was lucky enough to attend a Yelp-sponsored event at Capitol Cider in Seattle’s hip Capitol Hill neighborhood. I love cider, and it’s my preferred drink these days, but I am more of a drink-at-home kinda gal, so I’d never been to Capitol Cider before. 

Capitol Cider's diver scallop served with roasted corn, haricot vert, cauliflower, carrot puree.

Capitol Cider’s diver scallop served with roasted corn, haricot vert, cauliflower, carrot puree.

The event was really to just hang out for a couple hours and sample some of their appetizers and ciders. Due to a series of remarkable failures, I arrived an hour late, so half the appetizer courses had come and gone. I made it just in time for some pretty tasty chicken sausage (the honey mustard it came with was essential and delightful), glazed pork belly, and some excellently grilled diver scallops.

The regional flight from Capitol Cider. My favorite from this one was Seattle Cider's Gin Botanical.

The regional flight from Capitol Cider. My favorite from this one was Seattle Cider’s Gin Botanical.

We also got to try two out of the following three things: a flight of three international ciders, a flight of three regional ciders, and a cocktail made with cider. Being adventurous and in the mood for variety, I went with both cider flights. I tend to like sweeter, less dry ciders and they had some good selections for each flight. My favorite was Thistly Cross Ginger from the UK, followed by Seattle Cider’s Gin Botanical, both of which are available on tap.

By far the star of the night, however, was the buttermilk cheesecake.

I have a massive sweet tooth. Cheesecake isn’t that high on my list though, for two reasons. 1) I’m lactose intolerant, and have to take lactase pills everytime I want to eat dairy. Do you have any idea how many things have some form of milk in it?! It’s not as bad as having a soy allergy or celiac disease, but it’s still pretty annoying. 2) Cheesecake tends to be very rich and heavy. I prefer lighter, less dense desserts.

capitol cider cheesecake

Capitol Cider’s buttermilk cheesecake couldn’t address problem number 1, but it definitely covered problem number 2. Its crust was thin and crunchy and made of almonds. The cheesecake itself was airy and fluffy. There was strawberry and mint to add a nice acidic, fruity contrast to the cheese. I have to say it’s one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tried, and this week’s feature for Tasty Thursdays.

If you’re in Seattle and love cider or cheesecake, I recommend checking out Capitol Cider. They also have tabletop shuffleboard in their downstairs area. I tried it for the first time during the event — it’s pretty fun! From what I hear, you can play board games too and they occasionally host a trivia night. It’s a fun but low-key spot in the party central that is Capitol Hill, so definitely my kind of place.

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