Tasty Thursdays: Offbeat Ice Cream Flavors

It’s Thursday, and time to talk about food again!

It has been unseasonably warm in Seattle, and my roommates’ mother was visiting. The concurrence of these two events meant that we suddenly stocked up on some Philppine ice cream.

philippine ice creamUnlike, say, Italian gelato, there is nothing particularly different about Philippine ice cream. However, we have some rather unusual flavors that are occasionally a shock to the untrained palate.

For example, my ultimate favorites: cheese and sweet corn. Of the many friends who have attempted cheese ice cream, not a single non-Filipino has ever enjoyed it. David in particular expressed some serious disgust. He loves cheese, he likes ice cream, but apparently they just don’t go together. Just goes to show that some things are very definitely acquired tastes. It’s a good thing he’s so game to try all these unusual foods!

Other flavors are more popular, such as ube (purple yam), mango, and macapuno (sweet coconut). There are definitely a lot of options and I’m willing to bet you haven’t encountered most of them, so you can have some fun trying them out.

For this refreshing take on a typical treat, head to your local Asian grocery store or market– we love Seafood City, Viet-Wah or Uwajimaya in the Seattle area. Try some new flavors and let me know which is your new favorite!

Also share with us the most delicious thing you ate from the last week. Here are the rules:

  1. Think back on your week and pick the tastiest thing you ate. It could be from breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Could be something you made, or something you bought. Sweet, savory, bitter, as long as you loved it!
  2. Blog about that food! Give us a recipe, post a photo, tell us where you got it. Share the foodie love! Tag your post with tastythursdays.
  3. Include a link to this page, so your friends can join in. The pingbacks will help us all see the week’s deliciousness and maybe inspire us for next week.

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