Tasty Thursdays: Froggy’s in Highwood, Illinois

This is a tough week for Tasty Thursdays.

Sometimes, I have a hard time thinking of something standout that I ate. But sometimes, like this week, I have a hard time choosing only one thing to feature.

The problem (hah!) is that I was traveling for most of this week. I spent the weekend on an impromptu girls trip to Chicago, then headed on to Milwaukee to work. So I ate out a lot. And I had a lot of really good food. So I’m going to cheat! Chicago will get its own post or two, eventually. I’ll talk about all the yumminess then! Right now, we’ll talk about Froggy’s.

I was picking up my boss in Chicago. It was 18:30 and we’d both had a rough day. We needed food and didn’t want to wait till Milwaukee, but I didn’t want to be anywhere near O’Hare airport anymore. (How does anyone find their way driving around there, seriously?! How is the cellphone lot ten minutes away from the actual airport? It was a hot mess.) I looked up my options and chanced upon Froggy’s. It’s in the town of Highwood, between Chicago and Milwaukee.

David and I have a joke that when a restaurant has tablecloth, you know it’s going to be expensive. We’ve been right every time! Froggy’s is a higher-end French restaurant. The average entrée pushes $30. But let me tell you why you should check it out anyway. First, look at this interior:

froggys decor

Isn’t it adorable? Very creative use of umbrellas. The overall feel (when combined with the somewhat close tables) was a bit cluttered, but in a cozy, charming way.

Then, of course, there’s the food.

I was looking for the “classic” French dishes I’d had in Paris, but Froggy’s doesn’t offer boeuf bourguignon, cassoulet, or duck confit. They do have the appetizers: escargot, foie gras, and vol au vent. We were too hungry to bother with appetizers, and they serve a bread basket and a salad as a matter of course.

froggys grilled breast of duckI was saddened by the lack of boeuf bourguignon, however, what I did end up getting was the best duck I’ve ever had in my life. Grilled to a wonderful tenderness (roasted duck often gets chewy and overcooked), drizzled with blackcurrant sauce, it was absolutely enjoyable. Apparently the sautéed shrimp with linguine was also excellent, particularly its lobster sauce. Another thing I loved was that the entrée servings were perfectly portioned, so that even after the bread and the salad, we cleaned our plates and had room to share a dessert. Credit probably goes to the fact that there was more meat than carbs on the plate. There was some vegetable, and a little chunk of mashed potato at the center of my plate, but the star was for sure the duck. Same with the shrimp linguine (you notice it’s worded that way, and not linguine with shrimp).

froggys lemon creme bruleeAs for the lemon crème brûlée that we had for dessert–I’ve had better crème brûlée. I find that the texture is the hardest thing to master, but it’s what really makes the dish. This version was a little too thick and chunky for my taste. But the lemon was something I hadn’t encountered before, so points to them for a little creativity.

I can’t speak for their wine selection, since I still had an hour drive to Milwaukee, but I was pleased with the food. The service was prompt, friendly, and so put together that I really felt out-of-place in my capris and flats (not that they ever said or did anything to imply we were attired inappropriately, just that the general feel of the place is a bit classier than your average restaurant). In short, I had no complaints.

If you happen to be by Chicago or Milwaukee, Froggy’s is a good option for a nicer evening out.


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