Walking Rotterdam: Architectural Discoveries

One of the best and easiest cities we visited during our 2015 Europe trip, Rotterdam’s best sight is the city itself. The architectural tour (download free, or 1EUR for a printed copy from the tourist desk when you arrive at Centraal Station, which is also where the tour begins) was an excellent way to experience Rotterdam.

It was a lovely day when we arrived, and though we started late at around 10:00, the tour only took a few hours. I love walking tours; they allow me to see the city at my own pace, and choose which places are most interesting to me. Detours are also easy because I can always deviate from the course and then follow it back when I’m ready. I love that the city caters to visitors in this way and provides an easy way to experience the city.

As you’ll see in the following gallery (most shots by David; he was having so much fun with this city), Rotterdam has had its share of very creative architects. The buildings are an interesting mix of old and new. From train stations to houses to libraries, and of course to the eye-catching Erasmus Bridge, each with its own eclectic story, so many structures in the city catch the eye.

I hope you take the time to explore Rotterdam! We only had a day, but we are already considering taking a cruise that stops here. Our visit fell on Easter Sunday, so many buildings were closed, including the very cool-looking Markthall: a huge building full of food stalls at the ground level, with apartments in a down-facing U around them. I’d heard that this was the place to dine in Rotterdam, and look forward to checking it out someday!

Holiday train schedules saw us diverting to the town of Gouda in order to return to Haarlem. We took the opportunity to stroll into the town center.

Gouda on Easter Sunday = empty. It was a little creepy to be there among the empty shops and streets, nothing in the town square but pigeons and a few stray tourists like ourselves. Sint Janskirk, with its white bricks and red windows, was still quite a sight, perhaps more so because of the silence and emptiness.

Our visit to these towns was definitely a highlight of our time in the Netherlands. Interested in reading more about our trip? See my Netherlands page for previous posts, and stay tuned for more!


3 thoughts on “Walking Rotterdam: Architectural Discoveries

    • Yeah we encountered it rather unexpectedly and were a bit astonished. Also impressed; the message was strong considering its location in a shopping area.


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