Tasty Thursdays: Happy Hour at Dragonfish Seattle

Dragonfish Asian Cafe in downtown Seattle is one of my favorite happy hour spots anywhere, particularly when it comes to food.

We’ve come here quite a few times: post-volunteering for Beerfest, drinks after a wonderful anniversary dinner, before watching a play at the Paramount theater across the street. (Funny story about that: we were in for late-night happy hour once and some gentlemen were sitting at the next table over. They saw nicely dressed people walking down the sidewalk and thought they were Mormons or similar, coming from church. Actually, a show at the Paramount had just ended and these were theater-goers.)

Pre-theater pre-funking,

Pre-theater pre-funking,

There are many cool things about Dragonfish’s happy hour. First, it’s reasonably long: 3-6 PM and 9PM-1 AM everyday. Next, they have good variety and prices for their drinks: sake and draft beers for $2.95, some couple of cocktails for $3.95 (generally too lemony for my taste), wine for $4.95.

Dragonfish tonkatsu plate: $3.95.

Dragonfish tonkatsu plate: $3.95.

Next, the food. Man, if you have late-night munchies, you could do worse than coming here. Sushi rolls and small plates from $1.95-4.95? Sign me up! For $5.95 you get rice bowls.

Desserts are $4, a bit pricey but so worth it; we’ll get to them later because right now I want to say three words: tempura peppered bacon.

Yelp photo because I always devour the bacon as soon as it arrives. So unhealthy, but so delicious. The sweet chili-passionfruit sauce makes this dish amazing.

If you are more a dessert kinda person, they have the following on their menu: chocolate heaven, lemongrass crème brûlée, and mango upside-down cake. I’m a chocoholic, and the lemongrass is a different and tasty take on crème brûlée, but the winner for me here is the mango. Real fruit in the cake, a little whipped cream, and that curried caramel sauce. Oh, that curried caramel. Must-try! Or, get all three for $11. I say just try one every visit since you’ll probably be full from all the food anyway.

Mango upside-down cake with almond brittle and curried caramel sauce.

Mango upside-down cake with almond brittle and curried caramel sauce.

There is usually a bit of a wait (5-20 minutes) because this place is so awesome, especially considering that it’s technically a hotel restaurant. The ambiance is enjoyable too: a slightly upscale place, with dim lighting, Asian decorations (including a dragon head that I only noticed on my fifth visit), and large leaf-shaped ceiling fans that keep the place cool.

If you’re looking for happy hour in Seattle, Dragonfish should definitely be on your list. Maybe you’ll write a Tasty Thursdays post on it too after you visit!


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