Tasty Thursdays: The Waffle’s Red Velvet Waffle

Last weekend I was in LA to watch a matinee of Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater. Bear with the saga of my morning before we get to the food.

I have been having a very busy month, what with finally moving in with David (hello domesticity) and the subsequent need to pack all my stuff and his, unpack said stuff, and clean out our old places. I’ve also been training for and finally ran my first 5K last Saturday, so I was pretty pooped out. My friend and I had booked Phantom tickets ages ago, before all this moving was in consideration, so only had one day to hang out in Los Angeles.

While I love my friend, I didn’t mind being in SoCal for such a short time. I’ve decided that I hate LA. (Sorry, people who actually live there.)

Why I won’t live in LA

Public transportation is shitty! I was trying to catch a 9:15 AM Flyaway bus from the airport to Hollywood, and it was taking so long that I figured I had missed it and my girl friend had been waiting since 9 o’clock. I tried searching online for a way to track bus locations, like King County in Seattle does; nothing on the LA Metro site, and no apps either. So I caught an Uber instead (don’t even ask me how much that cost). I got in the Uber at 9:45, started to drive away from the airport… and caught sight of the bus pulling up to the stop. Figures. 30 minutes late, come on! And then, after the end of the show, my friend had to catch a bus from Union Station that only came every hour and half. Seriously, 1.5 hours in between buses? I get that it was a Sunday, but that’s still pretty atrocious.

The Uber driver said that it’s probably because the buses get caught in traffic. My friend said the same thing, and also that it’s because everyone drives anyway.

Did you know that LA actually has a subway? We rode it from Hollywood to Union Station. It’s not bad! It only took 15 minutes (would’ve been a 10-minute drive). The US has a serious car culture and it’s sad, because cars are dangerous, costly, more damaging to the environment, and really just unnecessary… if we had a good rail system.

Why I would return to The Waffle for brunch

By the time I got to Hollywood from the airport, I was hungry and in need of a drink already. Near the Pantages is a place called The Waffle, so we strolled over there for some brunch. The place was packed, but we still found some seats at the counter (no need to see the host if you’re sitting up there).

The Waffle specializes in, well, waffles. But they also serve scrambles and other typical breakfast menu items like biscuits and gravy, as well as sandwiches, soups, and salads. They also have something called the Double Wide: basically a sandwich that uses waffles instead of bread. Sounded interesting, but my friend and I wanted to split our brunch (and order the $6 double mimosas) so we went with the basic Waffle Breakfast upgraded to two whole waffles.

The waffle options are many and innovative. You’ve got your classics like belgian, and blueberry lemon. But you’ve also got choices like sticky bun, tres leches, cornmeal jalapeno, and smoked salmon. Return visits would be in order if I lived in LA (which, well, I wouldn’t– but you can if you’re ever in Hollywood!). We went with red velvet, and it was delicious. In place of butter, it had a dollop of cream cheese on the top, and needed no syrup.

My delicious half-eaten red velvet waffle from The Waffle in Hollywood.

My delicious half-eaten red velvet waffle, complete with cream cheese, from The Waffle in Hollywood.

The mimosas were strong, and we had a lovely time dining and chatting before the show. Service was a bit slow, but it’s brunch– you’re supposed to linger a little and have some drinks and all. For those interested, they serve other booze like beer, wine, Bloody Marys, and well drinks too.

That’s it for this week’s Tasty Thursdays. Pardon the public transpo rant and I hope you manage to get around LA to The Waffle!


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