Tasty Thursdays: Karla’s Fruit Tart

Last weekend, I went to a lovely birthday party and had a wonderful time, and I also had the most delicious homemade fruit tart that looked absolutely gorgeous. And it’s this week’s Tasty Thursdays food!

I love sweets and I love cake, but the icing has to be just right or else it’s gross. I am not a huge fan of cupcakes, and pies are a hit or miss, except for cream pies — love that stuff! (Aside: “That’s what she said!” ~David.) I think fruit tarts are a wonderful alternative to cake, especially since you can change up the fruit to whatever you like and whatever is in season.

Karla’s tarts were amazing because they didn’t have that hard crust that you get with most tarts and pies. Instead, she used white cake as a base, so I got to eat every crumb of the delicious slice that I had. She had two versions, but the presentation and the fruit were the only differences. They were so pretty! I asked her for the recipe and she said,

It was simply a thin layer of white cake, vanilla pudding, the fruit, and topped with Dr. Oetker’s torte glaze. ~Karla H.

Here’s a recipe for white cake, and you can get the glaze off Amazon if you can’t find it in your local store.

Between us, David is the one who bakes, so I may have to get him to make this one of these days. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

If you’d like to share your best food this week, feel free to join the blog event! Here are the rules:

  1. Think back on your week and pick the tastiest thing you ate. It could be from breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Could be something you made, or something you bought. Sweet, savory, bitter, as long as you loved it!
  2. Blog about that food! Give us a recipe, post a photo, tell us where you got it. Share the foodie love! Tag your post with tastythursdays.
  3. Include a link to the Tasty Thursdays blog event, so your friends can join in. The pingbacks will help us see all  the deliciousness and maybe inspire us for next week.

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