Tasty Thursdays: Biscuits and Gravy at Morsel

Hello again, fellow foodies, time for Tasty Thursdays! This week I had the pleasure of enjoying brunch at Morsel in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

I’m not a morning person, at all. I work normal “banker’s” hours, but breakfast is not a thing that happens. I’m all about overnight oats, because I can just grab the container on my way out and eat it at my desk as I go through my emails. (See what I did there — you get extra foodie goodness in this post!) I get up early during the week because, well, I get paid to. But on weekends? Oh hell no. Back when I had roommates, they knew not to do anything on a weekend morning that would cause me to wake up before 10 AM.

However, if I must be awake early on a weekend, which does occasionally happen, good food is an essential part of me not killing anyone for the rest of the day. This time, you all have Morsel to thank for averting a mass murder in the Seattle area.

I love when an establishment decides to focus on doing one thing, and doing it well. Morsel’s biscuits kick ass. They are huge and dense and flavorful. They come in three flavors: feta rosemary, buttermilk, and cheddar chive.

The menu is pretty simple, but you still might get a sense of option paralysis because everything sounds delicious. However, I went with the classic biscuits and gravy– figured I should have a baseline from which to compare Morsel’s offerings. I had a buttermilk biscuit with a mushroom gravy (other options were sausage, or a combination). My friend had the cheddar chive biscuit with bacon jam. Homemade bacon jam! OMG drool.

To me, biscuits and gravy are a much more American meal than burgers or steak. I’m not sure why this is. Probably because, before coming to the US, I could get burgers or steak anywhere else in the world. But I had never encountered biscuits and gravy until I got here. Interestingly, history seems to agree.

If you happen to be in Seattle, have brunch at Morsel! They have another branch in University District as well, which, along with Ballard, is my favorite area for delicious, affordable food in the city.


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