Trip Alert: Greek Islands

Guys, guys! I’ll be doing my utmost to keep up with the blog for the next few weeks, but it might be a bit of a challenge, because I’m going to Greece!

Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

When I was about ten, I read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. I was seriously hooked. This is very likely what started my love affair with fantasy: I ate up the different creation stories, the tales of gods and goddesses, and the heroics interwoven with history. Ever since, I have dreamed of going to Greece and seeing the amazing monuments and sculptures that people have built in honor of these mystical beings.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that Greece is just apparently an amazing place. Islands with ruins, old temples, mountains, beaches… how could you not want to go?

David and I will be boarding a cruise ship not very long from now and stopping at a myriad islands. This is not my ideal way of exploring Greece, but it will do for this first time; it’ll be cool to get an idea of what each island is like and perhaps where we would want to spend more time when we undoubtedly return. I’m also looking forward to my second long cruise; it’ll be with a different cruise company this time, so that experience should be interesting.

If you’ve been to the islands, I would love to hear your favorites and tips. I’m looking forward to olives and gyros. The ouzo, well, not so much.

And while I wait to board the cruise ship, I’ll be dreaming of this…


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