Mid-travel Report: Greece 2015

Hi guys! It’s been very hard to keep up with WiFi. Internet is slow on a cruise ship, and there’s hardly any time when we’re at port to stop and try to get something out.

It’s been a fun cruise so far, though. We’ve determined that of all guests on the ship, David and I are probably in the 5% of people below 35. It’s an odd thing. Some of our dinner table mates asked us what we were doing on a cruise, since this is evidently unusual behavior. Cruising Europe is such an easy way to get around though, plus the savings on hotel and food costs per day.

Of course I’ve already noted all the things I want to see when I come back. Inland Greece is difficult and time consuming to get to, so I missed Mycenae, Corinth, and Delphi. One day, Greece.

For now, here are some photos of the amazing things I’ve seen. Thanks for keeping up with me and I’ll have more when I get back; copious notes have been taken everyday!







5 thoughts on “Mid-travel Report: Greece 2015

    • Thank you Anna! That was one of the cooler parts of the trip– on leaving Venice, we sailed out through the Grand Canal. Unfortunately the sky wasn’t too cooperative that day, so I will have to brighten up the photo, but it was quite a sight!


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