Tasty Thursdays: Mango Blueberry Crisp

I’m going to tell you an embarrassing story.

As mentioned in earlier posts, we were recently on a Holland America cruise in the Greek Islands. (It was a rather whirlwind unexpected trip, so those stories will follow once I complete all my blog posts lined up from the last big vacation I took in spring of this year, plus the smaller trips in between.) Cruises are known for having food — lots of pretty good food, sometimes amazing food — in such abundance that you could conceivably never feel hungry again.

Generally, we ate breakfast in the buffet, as it was quick and easy. Lunch would be somewhere local, wherever we were in port that day. Then we’d have dinner in the ship’s main dining room, where we usually had our choice from a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, which were different everyday.

It’s always a challenge when you have a list of things that all sound delicious. David and I always choose different dishes, so we can at least try each other’s. So, every night, I’d have a tough time choosing desserts, and every night, I would see the dining room waiters walking around with little parfait cups. They’d have different-colored ice cream in them, with what looked like a thin cookie or wafer stuck inside. Here’s a sample photo by David L. from Yelp:

Well, there was always a dessert that sounded amazing, so for days, I never ordered these parfait things. I didn’t even know what they were called on the menu. However, I did notice that on the dessert menu every night was something called a “crisp,” and it was always a different fruit flavor.

Finally a night came when only one cake sounded great. This would be the perfect night to try a crisp! I consulted with David, who volunteered to order the cake, and then suggested I order two crisps! That way, he could have one and I could have the other.

I thought this was a great idea. The waiter seemed quite confused. “Two crisps… but only one ice cream?” I nodded eagerly. He left, and we distinctly heard him conferring the order to a colleague, who also seemed uncertain about this. David and I thought this odd–surely we weren’t the first people to have asked for two of the wafer things? It can’t have been such a weird request.

Dessert arrived… and those of you who actually know what a crisp is, will know what transpired. It turns out that a crisp is a type of crumble or cobbler, and so I received two little ramekins: one, as I requested, with a scoop of ice cream on top.

mango blueberry crisps-- Holland America cruise dessert

Me, looking slightly sheepish, with my two mango blueberry crisps

Luckily, the mango blueberry crisp was actually a delicious dessert. The fruit was wonderful, the entire dish wasn’t too sweet, and the crumble on the top was perfectly crunchy. Good thing the cake that David ordered wasn’t that amazing, and he found the crisps excellent as well. With his help, I actually managed to eat three quarters of my dessert (aka 1.5 ramekins).

Excellent crisp on our Holland America cruise

Excellent crisp on our Holland America cruise

No wonder the waiters were so confused!

As for the ice cream things with the cookie sticking out of it–turns out they were sundaes. I never did get to try one on this cruise. Oh well, another time, Holland America!

And how about you, did you have a particularly great food experience? Perhaps one tied with a story–hopefully not as awkward as mine! Well, share it on Tasty Thursdays!


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