Tasty Thursdays: Butter-Braised Asparagus

It’s interesting–of all my Tasty Thursdays posts, this is the first time I’ve ever featured a vegetable. It’s not that I don’t like vegetables… it’s just that, in a week’s time, they’re rarely the most amazing thing I’ve eaten. They’re usually side dishes, or mixed into other dishes, so they don’t really get the chance to shine.

When I braised these asparagus spears, I intended for them to be a side dish too. We eat a lot of seafood, and after a while you have to get creative or it starts to get boring.

But, well, butter happened.

You might argue that any positive effects of asparagus were outweighed by the fact that I braised it in butter and vegetable broth. And I will say, I don’t care, kthxbye. When it smells like cream of asparagus soup and tastes freakin delicious, I’m going to eat it! The asparagus becomes tender and absorbs all that buttery flavor without getting flimsy and mushy. It works!

braised asparagus and pan-seared fish with mushroomsThanks, Serious Eats! Six ingredients, including salt and pepper, and actually 15 minutes to prep? That last bit alone is enough to recommend this recipe, because I’m one of those people who always doubles the recipe time. Because, well, do you guys notice how they always say things like, “onions, diced” or “carrots, julienned” or “chicken, cooked and cubed”? I mean, do they think you’re just buying the ingredients from the store that way? That stuff takes time!

Moving on, enough talk, here’s the recipe.

By the way, the pan-seared tilapia and mushroom was also a recipe from Serious Eats. It was slightly less successful; I used shiitake mushrooms and they didn’t really add anything to the dish. The tilapia was good and I’d prepare it this way again, minus the mushrooms. However, I probably won’t eat it with the asparagus; as much as I love butter, there is such a thing as too rich.

Anyway, I hope you try this asparagus recipe. I promise you’ll love it! Hope you had a good week in food; share it on Tasty Thursdays!


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