Tasty Thursdays: Artichoke and Chicken Casserole

Gosh, you guys, this week has been manic. Actually, the last few weeks in my life have been crazy busy. I started a new job recently. Sometimes you get a chance to ease in and learn your new role… that didn’t happen for me; I hit the ground running and I haven’t stopped. We’ve got a big event tomorrow and it’s taken over my entire life. (That’s why this Tasty Thursdays post is late, sorry!)

Combine all that with this sudden influx of fall weather in Seattle, and you’ve got prime casserole time.

I love casserole. It’s warm, usually cheesy, filling, and comforting. And it’s pretty easy: you throw a bunch of things together, stick them in the oven, and you’ve got leftovers for days. It’s great because I like to spend a few hours on the weekend cooking up a storm, and not dealing with food during the week when I’m tired and busy. Casseroles are easy to pre-pack and then grab out of the fridge when you’re rushing to get out of the house.

My favorite casserole by far is a personalized version of this recipe from Taste of Home. It was actually the first dish I ever made using artichokes — turns out I love the stuff. Very unique taste that goes wonderfully with the creamy sauce here, almost like an artichoke dip.

I hate mayo, so I use sour cream instead, which also helps cut down the richness. Instead of crushing croutons, I also just pour some breadcrumbs on the top (I just eyeball it); we have an excess of breadcrumbs that I’m trying to work my way through. However, the croutons do tend to be crunchier and tastier, so I recommend giving that a try. Finally, I use any creamy soup I happen to have: chicken, mushroom, celery, asparagus… they’ve all turned out just fine.

I love this recipe, so if you modify it and get great results, let me know. I’m always down to change it up.

In the meantime, I hope you guys can still belatedly join in on the Tasty Thursdays awesomeness!


6 thoughts on “Tasty Thursdays: Artichoke and Chicken Casserole

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