One Year, One Hundred Posts!

On September 30, 2014, I published the first post on World and Time Enough. I think it’s a good time now, on this 100th post, to look back on the year that was and how the blog has evolved.

First let’s talk about the vision. I started a travel blog simply because I wanted a place to record the journeys that my boyfriend David and I were constantly on. Many friends would ask us for advice on certain locations, small details like transportation costs and ease of travel, our favorite food spots, where we stayed. I loved sharing our experiences, but memory is a fickle thing and I wanted to have something on (virtual) paper.

Looking back

October 2014

I published a series of posts on our wonderful trip to Cambodia and Thailand. I was only getting my feet wet, and trying to find my voice. I also celebrated my birthday and thus, the weekend trips features were born.

November 2014

I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, WordPress Blogging University started a free course on blogging basics. Blogging 101 was a huge help on figuring Wordpress out, designing my site, and meeting up with some cool bloggers.

With the Cambodia series concluded, I started on telling the story of the year’s other big trip, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Berlin wall. My baby blog had 258 views that month… More than I expected! It was no doubt thanks to the friends I made at Blogging U.

The year’s most popular post, 24 Hours in Isla Mujeres, published this month too. That was an awesome adventure.

December 2014

Still talking about Thailand, but now also blogging about the Europe trip, mostly Switzerland. I went to Kona and wrote a post on my favorite spots in the Big Island, which published on the Alaska Airlines blog the next month.

January 2015

Bit of a slow month — I published only 6 posts, due to traveling to the Philippines for a friend’s wedding. Wrapped up the Southeast Asia tales with our Ang Thong Marine Park experience, and blogged about my first trip with David.

February 2015

I was alternately blogging about the wonderful Boracay in the Philippines, and Europe, specifically Berlin and Prague. Still dealing with the question, actually, of how the blog can catch up with my traveling. Do I go chronologically? My concern was that six posts in a row about a single destination could get boring. Perhaps this year I’ll try a different style…

This month I also started posting some travel tips, which I’ve sadly not been able to add much to due to the backlog of trip stories that need telling!

March 2015

Lots going on: couple small trips, and planning the first of 2015’s big trips, to Western Europe. First forays into the Blogosphere by participating in some travel themes.

April 2015

Lots of travel tips while I was away in Europe — actually managed to plan my posts ahead of time. Also blogged about the previous month’s trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.

May 2015

The birth of Tasty Thursdays! Also continuing to blog about the previous year’s Europe trip, even as I returned to the US.

June 2015

Having completed the 2014 Europe series, I started blogging about the 2015 Western Europe trip that we had just returned from, beginning with Amsterdam. In the background, this was the first month that I started seriously committing to a posting schedule, which I needed to plan more carefully due to the Tasty Thursdays posts.

July 2015

Best month ever for my blog! 568 views, which is more than double the first month’s numbers. I was particularly inspired and prolific this month, coming out with 9 posts, even as I was on the road for work — one Tasty Thursday for each week, some posts on the Netherlands, and an account of the weekend we spent in Spokane in April.

August 2015

The pattern continues: lots of posts, lots of views. Google has indexed the blog, so getting a good amount of search traffic. (I still really need to look into better SEO.) Not done talking about the last Europe trip, and now very suddenly going on a Greek Islands cruise. No time to plan posts this time around, uh oh.

September 2015

A lot happens! We begin the month with a 2-week vacation cruise, and end with a new job. I am shockingly still able to put out Tasty Thursdays posts, but readership declines a tad (though still over 400 views). Concluding the Western Europe series with posts on Brussels.

October 2015

Very busy month so far– adjusting to the new job, planning birthday celebrations all month long!

Where do we go from here?

It’s amazing to look back and think of how much the blog has grown. 100 posts is no mean feat, but more than that, to have so much to share that I’m able to keep up this effort as well as have blog posts planned through December… such good fortune boggles the mind. Of course, David and I have made traveling a priority, and I hope that through my small efforts, you can see why we are so inspired to keep exploring the world.

Posting has been slow this month, but now I’ve got my rhythm back. I’m working on a new logo and feel for the blog, and at the end of this month I get to go to the Travel Blogging Expo happening in Florida, which is super exciting. I expect to learn a lot and to keep improving. Look forward to the Greece posts, but before that, I’ll have to make room for some of the smaller trips that happened in between. I think instead of interspersing those with the Greece stories like I’ve done with other big trips, I will try to blog about the cruise in as close to a sequence as possible (barring continuing Tasty Thursdays of course).

I really appreciate you guys sticking with me, reading my somewhat neurotic posts, and hopefully enjoying the ride.  If you have any feedback or ideas for improvement, I’m always open! See you in the blogosphere, and I hope you’ll stay with me as I tell my travel tales even without world enough and time.


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