Tasty Thursdays: Trapper’s Sushi

I LOVE sushi. It’s another one of those polarizing foods, like cilantro. You either love it or you can’t stand it. (I hate cilantro.) In recent years, there’s been a boom in sushi consumption, and odds are, there’s at least one such restaurant in your area. I’m fortunate because Seattle is well-known for fresh, sustainable seafood, and I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to really delicious sushi.

There’s two general kinds of sushi, of course. There’s the authentic Japanese kind, and Western kind. Quick sushi terminology course!

  • Sashimi – raw slices of fish, nothing else.
  • Sushi – anything that involves rice. The term is actually based on the vinegar that is used in flavoring the sushi rice.
  • Nigiri – a slice of fish atop a small roll of rice.
  • Maki – in traditional Japanese sushi, this is a long roll that consists of strips of fish laid atop rice, rolled inside a square of nori (seaweed), and then sliced into 6-8 pieces. In Western sushi, the nori is more commonly somewhere inside the roll, and there’s a lot more than just fish and rice involved. Most Western sushi is typically maki.

I typically favor traditional sushi because as noted, in Seattle, there’s no shortage of good fish. However, today’s featured restaurant takes Western sushi to an excellent level, for a great price. Trapper’s Sushi makes several kinds of rolls (28 to be exact), and they keep the creativity up by having special rolls every so often, in case you actually manage to try everything on the menu.

Rolls range in price, from the Yuppie and zucchini (both vegetarian) at $5.5 to the Trump (tempura shrimp and cream cheese topped with salmon covered in a delicious torched garlic sauce) at $15. There’s also the Samantha, which I believe involves lobster and costs $15 as well. Typical rolls are $8-10. My personal favorite so far is the Barackade: garlic cilantro sauce, white onion, avocado & crystal shrimp rolled in french fried onions covered with seared albacore, ponzu sauce & Japanese pepper. I don’t much care for the french fried onions, but the blend of spices and toppings is positively amazing.

Here’s the best part: happy hour! Trapper’s has sushi happy hour from 3-6 PM Sunday-Thursday. Certain rolls are $6 while you can get any 3 for $20 (excluding the Samantha and the full Trump, though you can opt for a half Trump). Each roll is typically 8 large pieces, so 3 rolls is plenty to start with. For the sushi lover with good stomach capacity, Trapper’s also does an all-you-can-eat special at the sushi bar. I’ve personally never done this, as I couldn’t possibly eat enough to make it worth the money, and I like the variety that can be had by sharing various rolls. But, hey, if you’ve got the space, then I say, enjoy it!

There are 7 Trapper’s locations in the Greater Seattle area, though none in the city itself. If you’re around here, I definitely recommend them, especially at happy hour. Let me know if you’re going though, so I can meet you there! Good sushi at good prices = a win in my book.

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