Tasty Thursdays: Crispy M&M’S

Happy post-Halloween candy sales!

I don’t do Halloween. It’s probably because I’m not American (okay, I am now, but didn’t grow up one) and Halloween wasn’t a thing in the Philippines when I was a kid (it is now, too — which leads me to a completely different rabbit hole by asking, is that cultural appropriation… never mind, let’s not go there). So I missed the whole kid phase when Halloween was super fun, with the costumes and trick-or-treating. By the time I moved to the US, I didn’t have the social circle, time, or money, so I also missed the slutty phase. And now I still don’t have the social circle, time, or money to care too much. Maybe one day?

I wasn’t home on Halloween — I was on a plane because I needed to work elsewhere the next day. So goes my life.

But I LOVE chocolate.

As a kid, I had many favorites, among them, Crispy M&M’s. They were little roundish crunchy balls filled with a Malteser-like honeycomby wafery center, with the trademark colorful chocolate candy coating. I hated Peanut M&M’s, and Regular was just too boring. But Crispy was awesome! And then, for some reason, it went away. Pretzel M&M’s came out, which was an okay alternative, but it wasn’t the same.

A few weeks ago I was leaving a CVS in Bozeman, Montana after buying water and snackage for our Yellowstone trip (watch out for the writeup on that sometime soon) and spotted an unfamiliar bright green M&M’s bag. Yellow for Peanut, brown for regular, blue for Pretzel… no green in my mental catalog. By now of course you might have guessed: they were Crispy! I nearly shrieked in delight. But did I buy it? No. I exercised incredible self-control and instead Googled whether this was a real thing–I don’t know, maybe Bozeman had a special shipment? I wasn’t being logical, obviously.

Luckily, for my actual birthday, my dear friend Jessica gifted me a bunch of random goodies, among which was a giant bag of Crispy M&M’s. Yes, I had gibbered all about it on Facebook, because this is not the kind of information you withhold. Like the good friend she is, she got me exactly what I wanted.

It’s a thing. Crispy M&M’s are back.

Were they as delicious as I remember? I think so. Are they my absolute favorite again? I don’t know. There’s plenty of room in my favorites category, including a newly-discovered delight for Almond Joy and an enduring enjoyment of Twix. Crispy M&M’s have great texture, they’re not overly sweet, and they’re easier to eat — where you have to eat a whole large piece of Snickers or a whole Reese’s cup because you can’t very well eat only half, you can have just a handful of Crispy M&M’s to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Now go raid the stores.

What’s your Tasty Thursday? Let me know!


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