Tasty Thursdays: Caldo de Camaron

Hey guys! Last weekend I went on a fun girls’ trip with two of my good friends. We had a marvelous time in Santa Fé, New Mexico. Kind of a random location, but that was part of the experience.

I’ll get to posting about that trip soon, but for now, let me talk about the absolutely delicious food we ate. We went to a lovely African-Caribbean restaurant called Jambo Cafe, where the food so strongly reminded me of my visit to Jamaica. We had the best homestyle Mexican brunch at Palacio Cafe in downtown Santa Fé. Everyone there was so sweet and wonderful, and their smothered burrito hit the spot. We also ate at the izakaya-style restaurant called Izanami at the Ten Thousand Waves spa (more on that in a separate entry later).

Our dining experience the entire weekend was so amazing, that it was difficult to choose what to highlight for Tasty Thursdays. However, I have to choose a winner, and it’s caldo de camaron, which we had at the Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreno.

Caldo de camaron and pupusas at Restaurante Salvadoreno

Caldo de camaron and pupusas at Restaurante Salvadoreno

Caldo de camaron, or shrimp soup, is a simple tomato, garlic, and chili broth suffused with shrimp. A quick search shows that it’s one of those recipes everyone does a little differently. Restaurante Salvadoreno’s version was creamier, but bare of potatoes or carrots, thereby letting the shrimp and the broth shine. Served with a simple but complementary butter fried rice, the caldo was unanimously popular among us. It was so good that we left not a sip in the bowl, and my friend Jessica was already Googling how to make it herself.

The restaurant isn’t much to look at. It’s attached to the Days Inn in Santa Fé, and has some simple decor and furniture. It’s not quite a hole in the wall, but close. However, the service was good and the pupusas, varied and tasty. We each got a pupusa, and shared the caldo de camaron as well as some fried plantains. Altogether, the bill came out to under $40, tip included. Excellent for three hungry girls fresh from a hike!

If you’re in Santa Fé, I strongly recommend checking out this little restaurant. And if not, I hope you can find (or make!) some caldo de camaron. This is good comfort food as we go into the colder months. Enjoy!


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