Tasty Thursdays: Sweet Potato Casserole

Well, for those of you in the US, last Thursday was Thanksgiving.

I’ve just become an American, so I’m not huge on Thanksgiving just yet, though I do love having the days off! I like the basic idea of a time dedicated to be with family and reflect on the things you are grateful for, though I also think that this is something that just should happen whenever, regardless of a Thursday in November.

Another fun thing about Thanksgiving, though, is the food! I’m not a fan of turkey, and I don’t understand cranberry. It’s just so weird. Mashed potatoes I can get any other day. But everything else: pie, casseroles, green beans… all of that is awesome!

So last week I made myself responsible for our own little Thanksgiving. Within two hours, we had grilled salmon (okay, so David grilled that, persimmon pie (not a raging success, but still pretty good for my first pie ever), green bean casserole (which I love) and sweet potato casserole.

I love both green bean and sweet potato casserole, but I forgot to take a picture of the green bean, so here’s the sweet potato for you guys.

sweet potato casserole

My recipe was based heavily on this Cornflake, Pecan and Marshmallow-Topped Casserole on MyRecipes, but I didn’t measure the marshmallows, and I didn’t feel the need to use a mixer, just mashed the potatoes and mixed them on my own. I like a little texture.

Just out of the oven, this recipe was amazing: the pecan and cornflake topping was crunchy and gave a nice contrast to the marshmallows. Sadly, the crunch goes away eventually, so it’s best to finish it as soon as you can!

And how about you, what was your best food this week? Share it on Tasty Thursdays!


5 thoughts on “Tasty Thursdays: Sweet Potato Casserole

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