Tasty Thursdays: Hawaiian Breakfasts

I was in Kauai last weekend, taking a much-needed break from Seattle gloom and work stress. There’s something about Hawaii that instantly lifts the spirits. Perhaps it’s the sun. Or the chill, relaxing, “hang loose” vibe–the reason I would rather go there than Florida any day, despite the equal flying time. Part of it is certainly the natural beauty. And for me, of course, a huge part of it is the food.

Hawaiian food is fun and quirky. It’s filling. It’s down-home comforting. It’s ono (delicious)! And all of that begins with breakfast (though in my case it’s really lunch–who gets up early on vacation?!).

You can get a twist on something regular–a pancake or waffle, but with macadamia nuts and coconut syrup. A fruit bowl, but with fresh pineapple and papaya instead of grapes and cantaloupes. Bacon and eggs, but with spam instead of bacon.

And then there’s the completely Hawaiian. Like the amazing loco moco, essentially a burger patty and egg doused with brown gravy, all atop a generous bowl of rice. Or fried rice and Portuguese sausage–similar to traditional Filipino breakfasts, actually. And maybe that’s why I love it; rice and meat is as normal to me as potatoes are to David.

Last weekend, we shared the best breakfast at Ono Family Restaurant in Kapaa. We had the “Lindsey special:” fried rice topped with eggs and served with Portuguese sausage, as well as a side of wheat toast with their homemade pineapple papaya jam.

hawaiian breakfast

Bad pic, yummy food. Fried rice and Portuguese sausage, side of wheat and homemade pineapple papaya jam. Ono Family Restaurant, Kapaa, Kauai

Sometimes, you travel to a place where everything is awesome, and your brunch sets the stage. That is what Hawaii means to me.

I hope you had some delicious food this week too! Share it on Tasty Thursdays!


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