Fun Santa Fe Finds

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a quirky, artsy town. Here are some of the cool things we found on our girls’ getaway weekend in the area.

Canyon Road

One of Santa Fe’s claims to fame is its art community. Canyon Road showcases dozens of galleries, as well as boutiques and restaurants. Even if you’re not too into art, there are lots of fun and interesting sculptures everywhere.

Downtown Santa Fe

Just find the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assissi, the downtown area radiates around it. The church shares a similar color palette to the rest of the adobe structures surrounding it, but it’s actually made of yellow limestone.

The adobe all around the city strongly reflects the Spanish colonization in the 1600s, as well as the pueblos that existed in that area over 500 years prior. All around the church, the low adobe buildings house jewelry shops, stores with local Native American trade, art galleries, and restaurants.

Madrid, New Mexico

If you take the scenic route between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, Highway 14 (also known as the Turquoise Trail), you’ll pass a couple of adorable little towns. One of these is Madrid. It’s quite small, but Madrid’s main drag has more art galleries, a couple of restaurants (including one made famous by the movie Wild Hogs) and little knickknack shops (including the Lori Musil Gallery with amazing painted horses).

Our favorite thing about Madrid is Connie’s Photo Park. It’s a small lot with painted boards that you stick your face into. It’s donation-based, and Connie herself (whom we met) painted all the boards. We had way too much fun here! Definitely worth checking out.


Along with our Tent Rocks Hike and our spa day at Ten Thousand Waves, this girls’ getaway was definitely a success! Santa Fe turned out to be, unexpectedly, an awesome city for a weekend trip.


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