Tasty Thursdays: Holiday Fudge

Late Tasty Thursdays post… it’s been a bit busy!

This year I decided that I wouldn’t give things for presents. We all have too much stuff! Does anyone else think that? I’ve moved three times in the last five years, so I’ve taken advantage of opportunities to toss things out. But I still feel like it’s so easy to accumulate possessions that we may or may not need.

So I felt like I shouldn’t add to that materialistic mentality. Instead, I wanted to put time and effort into my presents. So I made fudge and cookies!

I had never made fudge before. Huge success! I have these awesome bloggers to thank for their amazing fudge recipes.

Oreo cream fudge by cewinta at TwinDays

Salted dark chocolate toffee fudge by Marcie at Flavor the Moments


Left: salted dark chocolate toffee. Right: Oreo cream. Both: tasty!

I didn’t add to the possessions, but I definitely added to the sugar intake… oh well, the holidays are a time for deliciousness!

Hope everyone had some amazing food, and some joyous times, with your friends, family, or whoever you chose to spend your holidays with!


11 thoughts on “Tasty Thursdays: Holiday Fudge

  1. Hi, Razel ! I was just thinking about posting some tasty post and trying to click the new post button that I landed on your post of these wonderful chocolate preparations. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations a lot. Happy New Year to you.


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