Tasty Thursdays: Bulgogi

When I first moved to Seattle, one of the first questions my new coworkers asked me was, “Do you like teriyaki?”

It’s a thing in Seattle, for some reason. Teriyaki restaurants are everywhere. For about $8 on average, you get a heaping serving of rice, topped with neat pieces of chicken, pork, or beef, grilled or broiled with a salty-sweet glaze.

Perhaps familiarity breeds apathy, because I’ve never craved teriyaki since I’ve lived here. It’s a good, predictable, inexpensive thing to quickly grab when I’m too lazy to cook or too hungry to wait.

Often teriyaki restaurants also serve that amazing Vietnamese noodle dish, pho.

This is the longest intro ever, I know. But this week I tried a new hobby and gaming spot called Blind Dragon Hobbies, much closer to my area than the other places I usually play board games at. To keep it easy and local, I decided to grab some teriyaki from next door.

I was surprised and delighted to find bulgogi. This is a Korean dish of pan fried or grilled thin slices of marinated beef, usually cooked with onions. Tokyo Teriyaki’s version was slightly sweet, with a strong but not overpowering sesame flavor.


Terribly lit photo. Tasted way better than it looked!

At $10.99 it was the most expensive thing on the menu, but it’s not something you usually find in a teriyaki restaurant here, and I’m glad I gave it a try.

Now that I’m going to be likely hanging out at Blind Dragon more often, I’m glad I figured out one definite good dish on Tokyo Teriyaki’s menu.

And if you’ve never tried bulgogi (or teriyaki for that matter), I’d suggest taking a shot one day! They’re very approachable dishes and possibly even easy to recreate at home. Happy eating! Hope you share your own Tasty Thursdays!


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