Tasty Thursdays: Makai Sushi

Late Tasty Thursdays post… It’s been a weird week, in food and just in general! Making up for it by posting an amazing meal I had today at Makai Sushi, on the South Shore of Kauai island in Hawaii. =)

First, a quick explanation–I had to work a volunteer graveyard shift on Monday night: 9 PM to 5 AM, doing stuff I don’t typically do. It was a highly irregular thing, and I also had to attend a meeting at 3 PM that day. So I was kind of a mess on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was catch-up day for all the real work I missed, and Thursday was pre-vacation panic day.

So my schedule was a mess, and I also, unsurprisingly, didn’t really cook all week. It was takeout and leftovers and finishing whatever I had in the fridge.

All worth it… we are in Hawaii this weekend for our anniversary. When this is how you spend your day, it’s easy to forget the tough week that came before…


Along the cliffs at Maha’ulepu, Kauai. There were whales playing in the distance!

Now, you already know how much I love poke. Whenever I’m in the islands, poke is the first meal I try to get. Today we were exploring Kauai’s South Shore and came upon a little sushi counter (and how I do love sushi too) inside a grocery store called Kukuiula Market. The sushi spot is called Makai Sushi, and one of their specialties is this ahi poke bowl.


Isn’t it pretty? Inside the ahi bowl is fresh ahi (tuna) poke, sushi rice, seaweed salad, shredded daikon radish, cucumber, and avocado, topped with a little masago (roe) and lots of wasabi mayo and special sauce. This is a bit of a departure from my typical poke choices, which tend to focus only on the poke and not have so many other ingredients. However, it was delicious. We were so hungry and it looked so good that we just came out to the parking lot, sat on the low wall by the car, and dove in. Makai Sushi’s counter does have a few stools, but it’s nice and warm in Hawaii, why stay indoors?

If you’re ever in Kauai and staying near the Poipu area or anywhere in the South Shore, Makai Sushi is definitely worth a visit.

What else should you check out on Kauai? Well, it’s my second favorite of the Hawaiian islands right now, and closely vying for top spot… so I promise I’ll have a LOT more recommendations for you. I’m having a good time, but I’m also taking lots of notes! 😉 I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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