Tasty Thursdays: Heritage Food and Wine Omaha

Earlier this week, I ended up on a business trip to Omaha, Nebraska. It’s kind of a random place to be, but I’ve actually been there once before–also on a business trip. I got very ill on that trip though, and so I hardly remember what the city was like.This time I had some opportunity to get out and about, and I was quite impressed. It’s a small city, but it has a nice downtown area called the Old Market, with a bunch of lively bars and restaurants. I stayed at a boutique hotel in the area called Hotel Deco XV, and I have to say, I would go out of my way to go there again!

It’s a little more upscale than I tend to go for, but it didn’t feel uppity in the least. The valets were amazing (the hotel offers valet service within a 3-mile radius of the hotel, as well as to and from the aiport). Everyone was very friendly and I ended up chatting with everyone far more than I typically do. Plus, the hotel just looked and felt so nice. They are going for the classic, elegant, old-world feel, and I definitely felt very special staying there. Oh, and–the showers are absolutely luxurious. Rainfall showerhead, and six massaging valves? Yes, please!

Anyway, one evening I also got room service from Hotel Deco’s restaurant, Heritage Food and Wine. I have never been so impressed with hotel dining. Many times, in-room service is mediocre at best… not so here.


Badly lit photo of delicious butternut squash ravioli and sauteed asparagus, room service at the Hotel Deco XV in Omaha courtesy of Heritage Food and Wine restaurant.

I ordered butternut squash ravioli and sauteed asparagus. First, the presentation was not a complete afterthought considering they were just delivering a tray to my room.

Next, the butternut squash ravioli wasn’t what I expected–instead of little square pillows stuffed with squash, they actually had strips of pasta with the squash pureed among it, and topped with citrus brown butter and crisped bits of sage. The sage was a particularly delicious textural component that I enjoyed.

And finally, the sauteed asparagus… this was by far the best asparagus I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. They served me a pound of spears sauteed in oyster and chili sauce, such a delicious sweet and salty combination. It was topped with small bits of caramelized lardon. Guys. It’s an ambition of my cooking life to recreate this appetizer.

If you are ever in Omaha, please do yourself a favor and stay at the Hotel Deco XV. If that’s not an option (those of you who are unfortunately tied to a hotel chain for points and whatnot), then at least enjoy dinner at Heritage Food and Wine. If these two dishes are anything to go by, the culinary experience should be a delight.

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