Tasty Thursdays: Autumn Harvest Quiche

It hasn’t stopped raining in Seattle for three days. And also, I’ve been ill with some random bug that’s been going around, that makes my nose very leaky and my head quite heavy.

So yes it has been very gloomy in my life lately.

However, when it is rainy, all I want to do is lay around and read. Being sick is convenient for that. So I finally have time to lounge around on the couch and read these two library books which are, awesomely, about libraries.

autumn harvest quiche

Autumn Harvest Quiche

Add creamy rooibos tea and quiche, and it has been as nice as it could be. Usually I would like some soup when I don’t feel well, but this Autumn Harvest Quiche is healthy, easy, and quite comforting. And there is a lot of flavor. It has sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and mushrooms–all things I really love! David doesn’t like kale too much, so we used spinach instead. Worked great, and it’s vegetarian-friendly. It’s a perfect Tasty Thursdays dish. Get the recipe on Andrea’s blog.

galaxy s7 package

Samsung Galaxy S7

Also yesterday, I received this package in the mail.

For the last couple years I have owned a Moto X, which is a lovely phone. But since I started blogging, I’ve learned that good photos are an absolute necessity. I’ve heard great things about the cameras on the latest Galaxy phones, so I went ahead and bit the bullet… So over the next couple weeks I will be on a crash photography course before we go on our much-awaited Japan trip.

Random thought: this was the last photo taken by my Moto X. Is that the fate of all phones when they are being replaced with new ones?

Anyway, the quiche photo above was taken using the Food mode on the Galaxy S7. It’s completely unedited and unfiltered otherwise. What do you guys think? Any other good smartphone photography tips?


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