Tasty Thursdays: Dana K’s Kafe

Down the road from my office is a cute little sandwich shop called Dana K’s. I found it thanks to my coworker, who has celiac disease (that’s the autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the small intestines when you eat things with gluten).

Dana K’s specializes in amazing, huge sandwiches. They also have a good selection of pizza and assorted pasta, soups, and salads. And then there are the desserts… giant cookies, pretty tarts, gluten free brownies… yum! And everything is homemade. Even better!

Our lunch hour was short due to being bookended by meetings (ahh, the corporate life) so we had to grab our food to go, but there was plenty of cozy woody seating inside the cafe. Dana herself was manning the counter on my visit, and I could tell she had a bunch of regulars who just loved this place.

I got the soup special, which was a corn potato chowder, and the French Bistro sandwich–Brie, balsamic vinegar, turkey, ham, and fig jam. Also on my list is the Cuban Dictator and the Turkey Lurkey. Great lunch meal! A bit pricey (the soup was $4 for a cup and the sandwich was $10) but I did get 2 meals out of it because the sandwich was pretty massive.

Gotta love patronizing small local businesses, specially when they actually have a great product to offer. Dana K’s is definitely on our regular work lunch rotation! If you’re in the Des Moines area in South Seattle, drop by. It’s close to the airport too!

Hope you guys are having a delicious week in food–share it on Tasty Thursdays!


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