Tasty Thursdays: Japanese set lunch

I’m posting on the run as we prepare for another day so this will be quick.

I’m in the middle of my Japan trip… what have I not loved here?! Guys,  Japan is amazing. The people are kind and friendly, the sights are beautiful and strange, and the food… well. I haven’t had a bad meal!

My most favorite meal though was a lunch we had at a small neighborhood eatery. We were starving right after we checked into our AirBnB, and we spotted this place around the corner. Now, so far we’d gotten around the language barrier by pointing and gesturing–most of the menus have  pictures so that worked out just fine.

We didn’t realize until we sat down though that at this cafe near the Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, there was no picture menu. However the sweet older couple that ran the place did their best to explain: this is a coffee shop, and they serve set lunches. It’s different every day and costs 750 yen each.

The food arrived and it was absolutely our best meal. There was pork karaage, seasoned rice, a piece of steamed squash, a salad with some delicious dressing, a little dish of spinach and egg, and miso soup. Yes all that for under $7!


The food was yummy home cooking, and it was heartwarming to realize that no matter where you go, it’s possible to communicate and share something special. I knew one food-related Japanese word: oishi, or “delicious.” The lady of the house seemed so delighted and astonished when I said it.

This is why we travel.

Hope you guys have had a wonderful week, in food and in life!


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