Tasty Thursdays: French Crepe

David and I went thrifting last Saturday.

It was his idea–he’s been on this eco-friendly kick lately (well, he always has). Now that it’s summer, he wanted a pair of nicer shorts to wear to work, and he only had heavy cargo ones. But he doesn’t want to buy a new pair of shorts, because doing so only contributes to consumerism and the usage of low-quality, unsustainable materials when there are so many perfectly serviceable items already in existence (check out the idea of “fast fashion“). Actually, this idea applies not just to fashion but to electronics, houseware, nearly anything! How often do people replace a perfectly functional item–like a phone, couch, whatever–because they just wanted the next new thing or it “doesn’t go with the rest of their decor”?

So anyway, we ran around the Greater Seattle area checking out a bunch of thrift shops, which was a lot of fun though pretty exhausting after 8 hours.

In fact, about 5 hours in, we were in Bellevue and I was hungry. I’ve been craving crepes for days (hadn’t had one since we were last in France). A quick search yielded The French Bakery, which was conveniently close to the really nice thrift shop we had just checked out.

The French Bakery is like a little Paris bistro. It’s got a decent amount of tables inside, and a few outside. When you walk in, you walk up to the counter and see a display of fresh pastries, and you also see a menu with paninis and crepes.

I wanted a crepe, but the pastries looked so delicious, I couldn’t help myself. So I ordered an almond croissant too. So flaky, but still dense enough, covered with crunchy slivered almonds and just a touch of almond paste inside… this almond croissant was amazing.

Almond croissant from The French Bakery, with order number and flower basket on a bistro table.

And then my crepe arrived. It was bigger than I expected. It was glazed with beautiful caramel stripes, and whipped cream on two corners. A warm pear slice on top denoted this was the Alice crepe, and it was beautiful.

Alice crepe from The French Bakery, with blurry almond croissant and macarons in the background.

It was everything I was looking for in a crepe. Sweet, but not too sweet. Warm. Soft. Fruity. By the way–I have a problem with pear, usually, because of the gritty texture. But cooked pears do away with most of that. I love it! Pears are yummy.

Besides crepes, pastries, and paninis, The French Bakery also sells macarons. For the low price of $4.50 for a 4-pack, you get a perfect macaron: crunchy and flaky on the outside, airy, but with a flavorful chewy center. The strawberry one was particularly delicious.

If you’re ever in Bellevue, Washington, definitely check out The French Bakery!

And please, consider buying from thrift stores instead of brand new. Even your local Goodwill probably has some gems you didn’t know you wanted. Plus it can be a lot of fun, and can give you a great sense of accomplishment when you do find something you’ve been wanting at super low prices!

Have a great week, and don’t forget to share your favorite foods on Tasty Thursdays!


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