Tasty Thursdays: New York Eats

I was in New York over Memorial Day. My friend’s birthday happily coincided with a long weekend, and where better to have a whirlwind celebration than the City That Never Sleeps?

There’s always something going on in New York City. It’s such a vibrant place, full of hustle and bustle, so much movement and activity at all hours. We had a list of things we wanted to do and only got to about half of them. Oh well, there’s always next time!

The other thing about New York, besides all the activities, is the food. The NY food scene is incredible. You can eat anything you want. The city is also known as The Melting Pot and with good reason–all kinds of people from all walks of life are here. And so is their food!

We had cannolis at Little Italy, as well as delicious (if slightly overpriced) Italian food. We tried appetizers and drinks at an Irish pub, complete with live flute and fiddle. We had kebabs, arepas (a sort of round pancake made of maize flour and filled with a variety of meat, cheese, etc), corn on the cob, and bubble tea at a street market that sprouted up outside of our hotel.

In a weekend of deliciousness, it’s hard to find some stand outs. However, I can point to a couple.

The Halal Guys are a famous food cart in Manhattan. As the name suggests, they serve halal food in the form of gyros–chicken, beef, or falafel (a vegetarian patty typically made of chickpeas). They are very popular and the line is rarely short at any of their locations.

Once you try their food, it’s easy to see why. A heaping bowl of rice topped with your choice of meat, tomatoes, and lettuce, served with a few slices of pita bread on the side, is only $7. If you want a smaller meal, you can get it all wrapped up in a gyro for $5. Add the famous white sauce and homemade BBQ sauce. And if you dare, maybe even toss in a little red sauce, but be warned–it’s truly spicy. Like “I can’t feel my mouth anymore and I’m hyperventilating” spicy. A little goes a long way. Or just dump more white sauce in if you were overzealous with the red.

It was the perfect dinner after three starving girls had a blast watching Kinky Boots on Broadway!

After that, time for dessert! Find yourself another food cart, this time one called Nuts 4 Nuts. It’ll be easy… just follow the smell of what seems like fresh-baked chocolate or cookie.

I’m sure the almonds, peanuts, and cashews are good choices and you really can’t go wrong. BUT what you really need to check out is the coconut. Chunks of toasted coconut, with a light coating of sugar… it’s heavenly. We kept going back for more. $3 a bag is a bit on the steep side, but try it and tell me you won’t have another. Go ahead, I’ll just wait here…

Author's friend posing with a street vendor behind his Nuts 4 Nuts cart.

Lori is Nuts 4 Nuts!

For other photos of my New York weekend, head on over to my Instagram.

Anyway, hope you guys had some great food this week! As always, just use the tastythursdays tag and link to the Tasty Thursdays page for more yum. See you next week!


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