Tasty Thursdays: Poke + Tropical Cake

Hi all! It’s that day of the week again: Tasty Thursdays. Time for food talk! This week, I’m missing Hawaii, so I’m all about my favorite food again.

I’ve talked about it here, and here, and here. Clearly, if it was my last day on earth, I’d be eating poke. It doesn’t help that the rest of my week has been quite unremarkable on the food front. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so it’s been a lot of salad. And pea soup (because we had a cold spell in Seattle this week, and I like soup when it’s cold). They’re good, and tasty in their own right, and they’re comforting things, but they’re not the best thing I’ve eaten all week, y’know?

It’s hard to find good poke outside of the islands–or maybe just in the Seattle area? We are good at sushi and seafood. But for some reason, every attempt I’ve made at finding good poke in restaurants has failed. There are many Hawaiian restaurants around, but none serve poke, either. Aloha Grill in Renton is the exception. Aside from a slight overuse of soy sauce, it was delicious!

Getting my #hawaii fix with @priteemaisuria #poke #goodeats #onogrinds #foodmode #SamsungGalaxyS7

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So they were also advertising these cakes. My friend Pritee was having serious cravings, an the cakes sounded delicious–coconut, passion fruit, guava, chantilly, pineapple… this ain’t your typical cake.

However, they were all out at Aloha Grill. But guess what? We drove over to Uwajimaya, one of our local chain Asian groceries, to pick up some fruit. And they had the cakes there too!


Rainbow cake and Pineapple Coconut cake from Cakes of Paradise.

I’d had the pineapple coconut cake once before–a friend had got it for my office birthday party. It’s subtle, not too sweet, and the cake is wonderfully light. The rainbow cake was all kinds of fruit deliciousness. Strawberry, lime, and orange cake, layered and topped with passionfruit, lime, and guava sauce. I was initially hesitant because I felt like it had too much going on. Trust me, it didn’t.

If you’re over chocolate, white, or yellow cake, maybe it’s time to open up your horizons. Turns out there’s a whole world of cake flavors out there! Check out Cakes of Paradise if you’re in the Seattle area.

How was your week in food? Remember to share on Tasty Thursdays!


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