Tasty Thursdays: Chinese chicken salad

It’s Thursday! Time to talk about food. This week my favorite food was, shockingly, salad again! Man, summer is really getting to me!
But first, let me apologize for the late post. It’s hard to run a blog off your phone!

Okay so I had a BBQ and game night last Saturday. We had lots of laughs and fun entertainment. For you tabletop gamers out there, or those who just want to have something to play with company, I highly recommend a game we tried.

Codenames is a team game about words. Basically you have 25 words on the board: some are for the red team, some for the blue, some are neutral, and one is an automatic loss if it’s guessed. Each team has a clue giver who can only say two words: the clue, and a number which refers to how many words on the board are related to that clue. For example, the words “bow,” “pirate,” and “ship.” The red team’s clue giver could say “Sailing, 3” to help her team guess those 3 words. But careful, if the blue team has the word “captain” they could get the point if the red team guesses incorrectly.

It’s a really fun game and requires some out of the box thinking from the clue givers. And it doesn’t matter how many people play on each team, as long as there are equal numbers.

Now over to the food. When I have game nights, we usually provide meats and mains while everyone brings sides and desserts. My friend Karla (we’ve already featured her once, in a post about homemade Fruit Tarts) whipped up a Chinese chicken salad.


Chinese chicken salad

It is basically cabbage, both red and green. There are chives in there, and some chopped up chicken tenders. Then she crushed some raw Ramen noodles to provide a nice crunch. The dressing is sesame oil and a little sugar and pepper mixed into a cup of rice vinegar.

I am loving this salad! So simple, and the acidity of the vinegar is such a refreshing taste on a warm day. And the crunchy Ramen is fun!

So, how’s life in food these days? What’s the star of your BBQs and picnics? Share it on Tasty Thursdays!


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