Trip Alert: Fiji

I have been horrible about blogging. I dutifully schedule my posts, and shift things around when I miss a target, but it seems lately I’ve been shifting the schedules more than actually writing.

The reason is that David just bought a house, and the last few months of our lives have been utterly consumed by this process.

First it was the intense search for “the one.” I mean, we must have looked at dozens over the course of a couple of months. We started out with a list of our must-haves and our must-nots, which morphed several times as we continued our search. My one non-negotiable was a reasonably sized kitchen. His needs were different and some that never even occurred to me at the start: good bones, a reasonably sized garage, and public transportation access. We had to negotiate what amount of fixing up we were willing to do.

Then it was the buying process, and packing up our old place. Then it was moving out of the old place and moving in to the new one. Now it’s sorting out our new home and trying to unpack the boxes, while at the same time preparing the house for the coming winter.

It has been such a whirlwind! Suddenly it’s October, we haven’t had much of a summer, and my birthday is around the corner.

It seemed exceptionally hard to choose a destination for the usual fall trip. We were pooped out, money was slightly tighter than usual, and there’s still so much to do that I don’t think either of us were comfortable with taking off for the usual two weeks. Most of the top countries on both our lists have also been crossed off, with the exception of a few slightly more challenging journeys requiring just a bit more time (Petra, New Zealand, Myanmar, Laos).

All I really want right now is something like this…


Wikimedia, photo by Isderion

Doesn’t that look utterly amazing?

Relaxing on the sand, snorkeling among colorful corals and fish, reading a good book in a hammock, eating tropical fruit and delicious local meals…

So yep, we’ll be off to Fiji soon!

Right now, from what I’ve seen and read, Fiji sounds like a mix of Hawaii and Jamaica, but with Indian food. In short, just about perfect. Our plan is to stay on the main island, Viti Levu, for a few days, then hop off to one of the island resorts for another few days.

I’ll be sure to take notes so I can (hopefully) blog more when I come back!

Have you been to Fiji? What did you love and what should I absolutely not miss?


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