Wenatchee Day Trip

Back in May, I spent a weekend in Wenatchee, Washington. My friends got married by the beautiful Lake Chelan, and David and I decided to make a mini-break out of it.

Of course, we only really had a day to explore the area, what with the wedding. So I can only share a day trip’s worth of experiences.

Wild Huckleberry

First we had brunch at the adorable Wild Huckleberry. If you search “Brunch in Wenatchee” this is the top result you’d get, and for good reason. The restaurant looks like (and probably was ) a house converted into a delightfully homey space.

The menu is classic diner style, but elevated with such ingredients as hardwood smoked bacon, compote, and mascarpone. Servings are absolutely gigantic–unless you’re starving, it might be a good idea to share. Also, it’s not on the menu but they do serve a Bloody Mary!

There’s also a cute boutique on the ground floor.

Ohme Gardens

We needed to walk off that nice, huge brunch. So off to Ohme Gardens! Once owned by the Ohme family, these 40 acres of beautifully maintained land provide a nice hour or so of enjoyment. There are several pools, small waterfalls, and lots of greenery. Wildflowers abound among the slightly overgrown trails. And as you meander up and down, you’ll surely catch glimpses of Wenatchee.

I suggest taking your time, sitting at the benches, and listening to the sounds of cultivated nature around you.

Wenatchee Riverfront Park

For more strolling, we then headed to Wenatchee Riverfront Park. There’s not a lot going on here, just a simple trail along the river, with a small boat launch and moorage. On a nice day though, it’s a pretty sight. It was a bit windy during our visit, but the skies were blue, there were wild raptors (maybe hawks?) flying overhead, and there was hardly a soul around.

Pybus Public Market

Right by the Riverfront Park is the Pybus Public Market. This one long, large building houses stores, restaurants, and of course, a market.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time at D’Olivo, trying out their delicious balsamic vinegars and olive oils. I eventually came home with small containers of Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and Italian Herbs Balsamic, but the selection process was long and delightful.

Next door to D’Olivo is Cha Fine Teas, at which I also enjoyed several minutes of browsing. I don’t drink coffee, but I absolutely love tea.

We also checked out Ice (sitting next to a pizza joint called Fire, hah). Great gelato and sorbeto for reasonable prices. Had we not been still too full, I would’ve definitely tried a crepe.

The end of our sojourn was the Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company. They’ve got rotating taps, what looks like a decent food menu (we were still too full to eat!) and cool servers. We sat on the outdoor patio next to the fire pit and enjoyed a couple beers.

Sunday was pretty mellow at Pybus Public Market, but I can imagine this place is pretty hopping on a Friday or Saturday night. There’s an outside patio for a live band. The good amount of restaurants and eateries in the market format make it easy to sample and hop from one to another.

Our day at Wenatchee was pretty chill and if you’re in the Chelan or Leavenworth area, it’s worth coming by this small town.


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