Trying to Make a Difference

I haven’t really talked about American politics on my blog–after all, I can barely keep up with the travel posts, and there’s so much drama going on in this country right now. In fact, it’ll be interesting to know how many people go to see their families over Thanksgiving and actually end up in arguments over the recent elections.

Not here to argue, defend, lament, or protest, though. Instead, I’ll share something that I posted for my friends and family on Facebook:

Hello, friends.

I don’t often talk about politics or advocacy, whether in person or on social media. This will be one of the few times I ask for your attention.

There are many battles being fought in the US right now: LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, poverty, domestic violence, racism, human trafficking, climate change, and so on. Some of these issues are very divisive and I think we’ve all seen the results.

Many of us are limited in time, attention, or ability to realistically participate in the struggle. So I ask that this year, instead of spending time and money on buying presents people may not need, please choose instead to donate to a charity or organization on the front lines of these battles.

I personally have everything I need, materially speaking. David and I have always preferred living simpler and having a smaller footprint on the earth anyway. So if you were considering getting me something for Christmas, I would prefer you make a donation to Planned Parenthood in my name, through the link below. I promise you, no matter the amount, your money will go a longer way than a new blouse, purse, or whatever you might have gotten me!

I’m particularly asking that you click on the “Specific Giving” tab and donate to the Planned Parenthood centers in NORTH DAKOTA, WYOMING, SOUTH DAKOTA, MISSISSIPPI, or WEST VIRGINIA. There’s only one center serving the entirety of each of those states (or in the case of North Dakota, zero–by contrast, California and Washington have 110 and 35 centers respectively). I’m sure the men, women, and children requiring reproductive health care there need all the help we can give them.

Thank you very much, and I hope you’ll support me in truly making this holiday season one of giving instead of one of consumerism.

To all my friends in the blogosphere, I have the same request. It would be so awesome if you would take stock of what you strongly believe in, find an organization who fights for that belief, and give them the gift of your support. Get your friends and family to do the same and let’s participate in a movement of sharing and giving!

Do you have any other ideas for how we can make a difference and make the world a better place for everyone? Share it in the comments!


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