Happy new year!

It has been five weeks since my last post. Life got unexpectedly busy and something had to give… and unfortunately it was the blog.

Since we last talked, here are the things I did:

  • Edited a book, from concept to completion. It wasn’t that long, only a little over 6000 words. But this was the main thing that took up my time. I spent about an hour every day on it most weekdays. Next time anyone says you can’t write a book in a month–let me tell you, if you’ve got a good idea and an editor, you can make it happen!
  • Started a new position at my company. This was another huge time suck, in a good way. Some of the work is familiar, things I had already done in the past. But much of it is new, so I am learning a lot!
  • Celebrated the holidays. There were multiple gatherings at work. David and I flew to the Bay Area to spend Christmas weekend with our respective families. Then I had a holiday party with friends at our home before New Year’s.
  • Went to Cuba for work. This was crazy! It was extremely last minute (I learned I was going less than 8 hours before my flight). I spent 4 days in Havana, most of it working pretty hard, with only a few hours to explore.

Things are back to normal, at least for now, and I’m excited to continue telling stories of my adventures! I’m going to start with holidays in San Francisco, then finish up my posts about my Fiji birthday trip, and finally share my Havana experience.

2017 so far is full of promise. I’ve already got a couple trips lined up over the next few weeks, so I’ve started on the right track this year when it comes to travel. I’m heading to the Big Island with friends in a couple weeks, and then visit either Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon sometime in February. After that, who knows? So many possibilities!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and are having a great start to their year as well. And while I’m not posting on the blog too often, I’m usually more active on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there. Here are some photos to tide you over until next time!

Welcome to Oregon. #latergram #roadtrip #my_365_space #bridge #lines #smartphonephotography

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A bright and sunny Christmas eve. #baybridge #christmasinsanfrancisco #seagulls

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Good morning from Havana! #cuba #oldschool

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