To Go or Not to Go? Boracay Edition, Part 3: Beyond White Beach

In my previous post, I talked about what we loved and what we didn’t like so much about White Beach. I’ll conclude this Boracay series by telling you where you else can go if you didn’t love White Beach.


Barkada Road Trip: Punta Fuego

A barkada is a Filipino term for a group of friends. Usually the composition is pretty static (with the addition of people’s significant others) and there is a certain implied closeness and intimacy. So, this is not your Tuesday trivia meetup group nor your work colleagues, though you may have some colleagues in a barkada along with other people.

The first weekend of my visit to the Philippines, my high school barkada went on a day trip to Punta Fuego.

On Crossing the Same River Again

You can’t go home again. –Thomas Wolfe I just got back from a week in the Philippines. It’s the first time I’ve been back in five years, and boy was it interesting. For someone who was born and raised there, and left when I was already 20, I’m not actually that attached to the country.…