Versailles: Hobnobbing with (Past) Royalty

David and I explore the palace and grounds of the famous Chateau.


Paris: The Louvre and the Arc

Paris is full of must-visit spots, and right up there is the Louvre, with its imposing glass pyramid and of course, the Mona Lisa. Then there’s the Arc de Triomphe, a bright, solid landmark in the center of a famous area and illuminated by the Champs–Élysées.

Photo by David Greer

Travel Theme: Centre

Paris is an old, beautiful city, and supposedly, this is where everything began, the center of Paris: A circle of tiles marks a small brass star in front of Notre Dame. From here, all distances in Paris are measured; it’s the kilometre zero. It was a quirky little thing to find, but pretty cool. Very appropriate for this week’s…