Madurodam: Holland in Miniature

The highlight of our stay in The Hague was Madurodam — a park full of miniature replicas of notable structures in the entire Netherlands.


Charming Old Town: Haarlem

Of all the cities we visited in the Netherlands last spring, Haarlem was my favorite. I’m a city girl, but I fell for Haarlem’s small-town charm.

Two Days in Amsterdam

Unlike many cities I’ve been to (Paris and New York come to mind), Amsterdam doesn’t have a lot of big-ticket sights. Instead, we decided to get a feel for the culture and people of this lovely city.

Religion and The Netherlands

A few months ago, we traveled to Europe for David’s birthday. We started in Amsterdam and spent two weeks heading south through the Netherlands and Belgium, ending in Paris. Most of that time was spent in the Netherlands. We had a full week to hop from city to city, sampling food, culture, and architecture. 

Mid-Travel Report: Europe 2015

Hi! We’re in Bruges right now and headed to Brussels. Sad to think that we’re on the latter half of our journey. The weather has been pretty cold and dismal for most of it but we seem to have turned a corner and now the world is bright and shiny! Just when I broke my…