Kyoto Day Trip: Himeji

We pay a visit to the White Heron Castle. Bonus: cherry blossoms at their best!


One Day in Athens: Parthenon

The Parthenon was such a dream for me since childhood. It was the quintessence of ancient civilization and represented so much of what I imagined of mythological Greece: a many-columned temple high on the Acropolis, graceful but strong, looking out over the distinguished city of Athens, Pallas Athena guarding it with wisdom and martial skill. 

5 Ways to See Chicago

There’s a lot to see in the Windy City. It’s not just about pizza and 1920s gangsters — Chicago features some of the best waterfront museums and parks I’ve ever encountered, plus fascinating architecture and great food. It’s also an incredibly easy city to get around in. Here are a few ways to see the city. Try…