Tasty Thursdays: Autumn Harvest Quiche

Autumn harvest quiche, books, and a new phone–perfect sick day distractions.


Trip Alert: Greek Islands

Guys, guys! I’ll be doing my utmost to keep up with the blog for the next few weeks, but it might be a bit of a challenge, because I’m going to Greece! When I was about ten, I read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. I was seriously hooked. This is very likely what started my love affair with fantasy: I…

Travel Theme: Fantastic

…Or, a memorial to Terry Pratchett.

There are different kinds of traveling. There’s the kind where you pack your stuff up and you get on a plane (or a bus or a ship) and then head off to somewhere else. Then there’s the kind where your body stays in one place and you let your mind go.

Portland Foodtrip Weekend (Part 1)

It was my birthday last Friday. Usually, David and I contrive to be overseas during our birthdays, which coincide with some beautiful travel times (mine in fall, his in spring, in April) and are also just far enough apart that we can manage to maintain our finances enough to splurge on two big trips a year. This year,…