A Day in Striking Santorini

It’s no wonder Santorini is perhaps the most famous of all the Greek Islands. Known for its photogenic whitewashed buildings set upon the remains of a volcanic caldera, the island inspires drama and romance. This was the final Greek island on our cruise. We’d had wonderful experiences in Athens, Mykonos, and Rhodes, and we were determined to experience the best Santorini had…

Mykonos: A Quaint Maze of a Town

After our jam-packed days in Athens and Ephesus, we were ready for a little relaxation. Mykonos was the next port of call on our Greek Islands cruise, and it was exactly what we were hoping for. This is one of those ports where you don’t really have a lot of landmarks to aim for. Suggested excursions are to the…

One Day in Athens

Our third port was one I was extremely excited about, and I knew there would be a lot to see and do here–more than we could cram in a day. But we would certainly try!

Arvanitia Promenade and Palamidi Fortress

Nafplio: The Port of Many Names

Nafplion, Navplio, Nauplion… many attempts at translating the Greek name. In the same way, this small town at the edge of the Peloponnese has passed under the control of Venice, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Greece.

Ancient Olympia (Katakolon)

After sailing from Venice, we spent a day in the Mediterranean on our way to Greece. David and I mostly spent it getting to know the ship and preparing for the busy days ahead. I’ll tell you all about the MS Zuiderdam later, though. For now, let’s talk about our very first encounter with Greece.