Life on a Cruise Ship

When you cruise, the ship is your bedroom, dining room, bar, and entertainment center. During the days at port, you can explore the world outside, but in the evenings and during at-sea days, the ship is all you’ve got. Here’s a glance at what life is like on a cruise ship–Holland America’s MS Zuiderdam. Advertisements

Ancient Olympia (Katakolon)

After sailing from Venice, we spent a day in the Mediterranean on our way to Greece. David and I mostly spent it getting to know the ship and preparing for the busy days ahead. I’ll tell you all about the MS Zuiderdam later, though. For now, let’s talk about our very first encounter with Greece.

Tasty Thursdays: Mulled Wine

This was a stormy week in Seattle. It seems like this year is a year of extremes: a lovely summer, but what is looking to be a very wintery winter. Nothing better than curling up by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, nursing a delicious warm drink! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have…

On Holiday Traditions, Old and New

My friends and I have a running joke: I’m not American. This gets brought up anytime someone mentions something that I am completely unfamiliar with, didn’t grow up with or just don’t get. For instance, turkey and cranberry sauce. And Oregon Trail. (Incidentally, here’s a link to a free, browser-based version of the game, though you do have to do a little work to get it running. You’re welcome.) It is usually fun sharing our different histories and cultures. But it can get a bit challenging too, particularly when it comes to holidays: Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Bangkok: A Food Diary

Of the many places we have been around the world, Thailand is possibly the best so far when it comes to food. It always shocks me when I lose weight after a trip, particularly one like this where I ate everything in sight. I was in fact so busy just eating stuff that I apparently didn’t…

24 Hours in Isla Mujeres

I spent last weekend, quite unexpectedly, in Cancun. Specifically, for 24 hours, I was in Isla Mujeres. Here’s how it happened: my boss told my team on Friday that one of us needed to go to Cancun for work the next week. Someone from our team had been working remotely with the team there, but for…