Waimea: the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

On the west side of Kauai, about an hour’s drive away from Lihue, is Waimea Canyon. It’s a beautiful, lush paradise, complete with a waterfall and lots of great hikes.

Tasty Thursdays: Hawaiian Food

This is a tough Tasty Thursdays post… because honestly, the best thing I ate this week was, yep, same as last week. More poke! You’re probably getting bored of it. But I wasn’t! I ate it nearly every day we were in Kauai. However, I did branch out into other Hawaiian food…and there’s a lot to…

Tasty Thursdays: Ahi Poke

I’ve never been so excited about a recipe, and I knew as soon as I made it last Friday that no matter what else I ate, my Hawaiian poke would be this week’s Tasty Thursdays feature. Hawaiian poke is basically sushi-grade ahi (yellowfin) tuna cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated in a sauce made of…

Finding the Sun

Are you tired of winter? For all that the season can get pretty nice, Seattle’s gray skies were getting to me. So I ran away to find the sun. Hawaii delivered, as always. Thanks to this perfect day, I’ll be okay for another couple months.

5 Best on Hawaii’s Big Island

I’m an island girl, I thrive in the tropics, and Hawaii is as close as we get in North America. I love Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, several islands with all sorts of different activities… what’s not to love? My friends Zach and Nici just returned from a vacation in Kona, which caused a strong…