Sabeto Mud Baths and Hot Springs

One of the most unusual attractions in Fiji is a short drive away from the airport and the town of Nadi. It might seem strange to visit a hot spring in Melanesia, where the temperature is warm and balmy year-round. But with purported therapeutic properties as well as cosmetic thanks to the mud, why not visit…

Exploring Fiji’s Nadi Town

Bula to Fiji! The capital of the 330+ island archipelago is Suva, on the eastern part of the main island of Viti Levu. However, you may never even see Suva–your first encounter with Fiji will probably be Nadi Airport and Nadi town. 

Maui Bamboo Forest Waterfall Hike

This is my favorite hike in the world. Of course, that’s not saying that much… after all, I’m not an avid hiker. But it’s a moderate hike with some challenging moments and huge payoffs: five waterfalls!

Wenatchee Day Trip

Back in May, I spent a weekend in Wenatchee, Washington. My friends got married by the beautiful Lake Chelan, and David and I decided to make a mini-break out of it. Of course, we only really had a day to explore the area, what with the wedding. So I can only share a day trip’s worth…