Versailles: Hobnobbing with (Past) Royalty

David and I explore the palace and grounds of the famous Chateau.


Delicious Dining in Paris

For our first time in France, we wanted to sample as many traditional French dishes as we could find. Here are the results.

Paris: The Louvre and the Arc

Paris is full of must-visit spots, and right up there is the Louvre, with its imposing glass pyramid and of course, the Mona Lisa. Then there’s the Arc de Triomphe, a bright, solid landmark in the center of a famous area and illuminated by the Champs–Élysées.

Photo by David Greer

Travel Theme: Centre

Paris is an old, beautiful city, and supposedly, this is where everything began, the center of Paris: A circle of tiles marks a small brass star in front of Notre Dame. From here, all distances in Paris are measured; it’s the kilometre zero. It was a quirky little thing to find, but pretty cool. Very appropriate for this week’s…